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Welcome to Sitelines.

Tyne and Wear's Historic Environment Record

Throughout the past, people have left their mark on the natural environment in many different ways. Some are very obvious like the remains of Hadrian’s Wall, or the industrial workings from coal mines. Some however, are much harder to find; traces of wooden buildings, sites where food production took place or long forgotten rubbish pits. Any surviving evidence has built up over time and left a landscape full of clues about life in the past.

“The Historic Environment Record or HER as it is commonly referred to provides a record of these clues - Sitelines provides the access to the clues.”

SiteLines allows you to find out about the archaeology on your doorstep and see what life was like in Tyne & Wear 100, 1,000 or even 3,000 years ago. There are currently over 10,000 records available of archaeological sites and finds ranging from prehistoric rock art to World War II pillboxes, Listed Buildings to burial mounds.

SiteLines also allows you to find out about a number of topics relating to the history of the region by having a look at the Historic Themes page or by searching using ‘School Topic’, general period and broad period.
If you are more interested in the heritage of your local area then try and find your town or village on our Local Histories page.

We are constantly trying to improve access to the Tyne and Wear Historic Environment Record. Your feedback is essential. We need to know things like:

  • How easy or difficult the site is to search and why;
  • What is it that you are most interested in and;
  • What other features would make it easier for you to search the site and indulge your interests;
  • Please send feedback using the contact us form.

Explore, enjoy!

This website is for education and research purposes and SHOULD NOT be used for commercial searches and searches relating to planning. In these cases please contact the archaeology officer on or 0191 211 6218.