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Teaching Resources

A series of educational resources have been developed in conjunction with a number of school teachers in Tyne and Wear. A variety of KS2 and KS3 materials are available along with information for students studying A-Level archaeology and ideas for youth group leaders.

Take a look at our themed pages (including Roman Britain and the Industrial Revolution) which provide an easily accessible way to find out how SiteLines can be used within the curriculum. Many of these will have an obvious National Curriculum history connection, but they can also involve a number of other subjects including mathematics, English, geography, design and technology.

Each National Curriculum resource available on this website has been designed around using the SiteLines search engine to find out about the archaeological evidence in a selected area e.g. the locality of a school. These resources vary from trail based projects to lessons provided in a one-hour format. All include downloadable worksheets for students and lesson plans for teachers, designed so they can be used with minimum preparation.

Currently available:

  • Hadrian’s Wall Challenge - Discover where this famous monument runs through Tyneside (Key Stage 2 & 3).
  • Using Co-ordinates - Discover how to use maps and find out why people located their settlements in certain areas of the landscape (Key Stage 2).
  • Design a medieval Trail - For the area surrounding your school. Use the SiteLines database to discover the medieval archaeology that lies in your area. Then use your research to ‘Design a Medieval Trail’ (Key Stage 3).
  • Trail of the Newcastle Knight - Discover the many sites that formed medieval Newcastle. This resource contains everything required for this teacher led trail, including questionnaires and maps (Key Stage 3).

Not currently available:

  • Washing Line Challenge - Discover the history surrounding your school from prehistory through to the Victorians (Key Stage 2).
  • The Ouseburn Trail - A historic environment and geographically based project looking at the impact the Ouseburn River has made on the surrounding landscape (Key Stage 2).
  • SiteLines and Youth Based Work - ‘Getting Out There’ - SiteLines worked in partnership with other organisations to promote Environmental Youth Work in the North East.